Zombie Tycoon codes: Get Free Cash & Skins [June 2022]

In this post, you will find the latest Roblox Zombie Tycoon codes. Players in Zombie Tycoon will be building their base and upgrade it to fend off waves of enemy zombies while playing with friends. Slaying zombies and zombie bosses will help you acquire powerful rewards and better weapons to greatly enhanced your base's defenses. Essentially the game is base-building tycoon with elements of tower defense thrown in.

Zombie Tycoon codes will make your tycoon efforts more stylish and help you upgrade your base faster, as you can redeem them for free skins and cash.

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All Zombie Tycoon codes list

In case any of the new codes do not work you can relaunch the game to join a different server that may have an updated game build with the latest codes available to redeem.

Working Zombie Tycoon codes list

Here are all the currently available promo codes for Zombie Tycoon:

  • 18KTHUMBS – Redeem code for Eighteen Gun Skin
  • SIXTEEN1000 – Redeem code for a Cosmos Spring Gun Skin
  • BLOOMY – Redeem code for a Jessamine Spring Skin
  • BAGOFLIKES – Redeem code for Snake Gun Skin
  • THANKSFOR10K – Redeem code for Snake Gun Skin
  • DOZEN – Redeem code for Christmas Trees Gun Skin
  • HAPPY2022 – Redeem code for a Fireworks Skin
  • SANTA – Redeem code for a Candy Cane Skin
  • THANKSFOR10K – Redeem code for the Snake Gun Skin
  • EIGHT000 – Redeem code for the Polar Light Skin
  • LOTSOFLIKES – Redeem code for Cyan Pixels Gun Skin
  • MILLIONVISITS – Redeem code for Rainbow Pixels Skin
  • 4KL1K3S – Redeem code for the Green Sparkles Skin
  • UNIVERSE – Redeem code for the Rare Clouds Skin
  • 2KLIKES – Redeem code for the Diamond Gun Skin
  • MINIBOSSES – Redeem code for the Grey Camo Gun Skin
  • SPACELAUNCH – Redeem code for the Meteorite Gun Skin
  • ZOMBIE – Redeem code for $2,000 Cash
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Additionally, you can join the Reunited Games Roblox Group for a bonus reward.

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Expired Zombie Tycoon codes list

There are no expired codes at the moment.


How to redeem Zombie Tycoon codes

How to redeem Roblox Zombie Tycoon codesnbsp HowtoredeemRobloxZombieTycooncodes

You can redeem codes in Zombie Tycoon by following the steps below:

  1. First of all, launch Roblox Zombie Tycoon and start playing.
  2. Next, press the button with the Twitter icon one the left side of your game screen to open the code redemption window.
  3. Copy and paste or type a working code into the textbox with the “ENTER CODE HERE” placeholder text.
  4. Finally, press the green REDEEM to redeem the code and obtain your free rewards.

It is better to paste the codes to avoid any mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

What are Zombie Tycoon codes?

Reunited games, the game's developer, releases Zombie Tycoon codes to celebrate the game's popularity on the platform and game updates. Players can redeem the codes to get free skins and cash.

Where to find more codes

To find the latest Zombie Tycoon codes you can join the game's official Discord server for the latest updates and codes and follow @ReunitedGames, the game's developer, on Twitter. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D and check back often for the latest codes.

Zombie Tycoon description on Roblox

🧟 Build your tycoon, unlock weapons and skins, kill hoards of zombies, and play with friends in Zombie Tycoon! Can you survive?

🔨 Update 5.7 🔨
      🥚 Easter event has ended
MEGA UPDATE is coming soon.

     🧟 New Zombie Types
     💪 New gun skins & challenges
     💥 New Weapons

     🔥 Golden Gun 


🔷 Follow @ReunitedGames on Twitter for codes🔷
🎲 Join REUNITED GAMES for in-game benefits and show your support for Zombie Tycoon! 🎲

📓 Jaklic - programmer @JaklicGames
🎨 SelectedKing - game designer @_SelectedKing

Thanks for playing!

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