Which Sea Creature Looks Different

This is a difference puzzle game. In this game three images of sea creatures are given. Two of them look exactly same but one is different. Using your sharp skills find which sea-creature looks different. Try to win all 30 challenges. Use mouse or touch pad to play this game.

Match The Marine Animal

Welcome to Match The Marine Animal. A cognitive game is free for you. Do you have enough confidence in yourself? Matching the same marine animals! There are many marine animals here, including starfish, shrimp, octopus and so on, can you recognize it all? The difficulty will continue to increase after you pass each level. Come …

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Beautiful World

Wandering in the vast universe, finally found the world to land. Is this the beautiful world the hero needs? Hero wants to find the beautiful world, but he needs to collect all keys to open the door. Can you help him? Good luck! Tap the screen’s arrow keys or Using the keyboard’s arrow keys to …

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