Instagram Story Download with Qoob Stories

In this guide, we will show you how to download Instagram Stories in batches with Qoob Stories. Instagram is undoubtedly a social media powerhouse. Instagram initially started as a photo-sharing platform. Today, with IGTV, Instagram Stories, and Reels, it keeps moving more and more towards video content.

Businesses turn to Instagram more and more for social media marketing. A vital aspect of this field is user-generated content. Influencer marketing reigns supreme while user-generated content increases brand awareness and potential customer engagement.

Download UGC and IG Stories at scale

Essentially, Instagram is turning into a B2C social media platform that brands use to promote their content to potential customers. Instagram Stories are a dominant way to promote products and services. Now everyone can share a link on their Instagram story.

Recently, the swipe-up link has been replaced by the Instagram Link Sticker, available to all Instagram users. Note that the swipe-up link was limited to users with at least 10k followers.

Qoob Stories is a powerful tool that allows businesses and users to download Instagram stories featured in hashtags, locations, or accounts.

Essentially, with Qoob stories, you can easily collect all UGC for your brand by searching for your brand’s hashtag.

Let’s get started by showing you how to utilize Qoob Stories to collect all UGC features Instagram Stories.

Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories is a tool that allows the user to search for any Instagram hashtag, location, or user account. Then you can download all the Instagram stories featured.

This software is ideal to download a multitude of stories featuring a certain product, brand, or location.

You can save all the Instagram Stories you want on your PC, Mac, or Linux device with just one click. However, it is not just limited to Stories. It will download photos, videos, and tagged posts too.

The paid plans also allow you to download content from private Instagram accounts.

Qoob Stories Features

Download Save Options Qoob Stories

Qoob Stories comes with one free plan and  two paid plans:

  • The free Starter Plan allows you to:
    • Subscribe to up to 2 Instagram profiles, hashtags or locations, and limits your daily downloads to 200.
    • The software limits you to photos and videos download.
  • The Personal Plan ($7/month) allows you to download up to 10 Instagram profiles, hashtags, or locations. 
    • Download unlimited photos, videos, and tagged posts.
    • Unlimited Stories and Highlights download.
    • Unlimited private accounts support.
    • Ad-free.
  • The Professional Plan ($25/month) removes the number of profiles limitation and also allows you to export captions and posts. It is also licensed for professional use.

Note that you have to log in to the app with your Instagram account to gain access to private accounts. Obviously, the private accounts must have granted follow access to your account.

Download Options

The tool is powerful and allows you to download any content from Instagram accounts, hashtags, and tagged locations.

This includes Stories, Highlights, video posts (including IGTV previews), photos, and any tagged content. 

Users can also limit downloads to specific dates.

So let’s see how Qoob Stories works and how you can use it to download content from Instagram.

How to Download Instagram Stories and posts with Qoob Stories

The software works around the concept of subscriptions (think of it as follows) to Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations. This is the same idea behind Qoob Clips.

It allows the user to subscribe to hashtags, Instagram profiles, and locations. You just type a keyword to the search box, select an account or tag and press the download button.

Next, the tool automatically subscribes to the hashtags or the user you selected. After that, it starts downloading all the content featured until you hit a daily limit or pause the subscription.

With the pro and business plans, you enjoy the full power of the tool.

In simple words, Qoob Stories monitors the hashtag, location, user account. It automatically downloads any content you selected between specific dates.

Other Qoob Stories Features

You can also perform the following actions in the tool:

  • View Instagram stories anonymously and save them without the Instagram app.
  • Copy an Instagram post link.
    • All you have to do is click the three dots on the video thumbnail and select More > Copy Link
  • Similarly you can copy a caption by selecting More > Copy Caption.
  • Show a video, hashtag, or account on Instagram in your browser.
  • View a video, story, or post on Instagram.
  • Show the downloaded Story, Highlight or post in the download folder.
  • Share on Twitter or Facebook. You will find the share options in the videos menu once you click the three dots.
  • When you save content from a hashtag you can automatically subscribe to the user’s account too. 
    • You can do that by clicking the three dots on the video and selecting More > Subscribe to location: <username>.
  • View all saved videos and other content in your device’s folders.

How to download all videos on a particular hashtag, profile or location with Qoob Stories

Saving stories and posts instagram qoob stories
The post and story downloader service instantly downloads all Instagram content from hashtags and accounts. Image Credit: Qoob Stories

As you can see, you can type in a keyword, and Qoob Stories will search Instagram usernames and hashtags including it.

Next, you can select a hashtag or account and click on the download button to initiate the download of all content.

As you can see in the image above, Qoob stories will show you any story or stories available.  

You will also enjoy the same high quality (at least for compressed content) you enjoy on the Instagram app.

Final Notes

Saving stories and IG posts at a large scale turn into a straightforward process with this process. Qoob stories will help you collect any UGC content from Instagram effortlessly, including Instagram stories. Hopefully, Reels are coming too, and we will extend the guide with them too.

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