How to make excellent throws in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game created and published by Niantic and the pokemon company with a motto similar to all previous pokemon games, capture and collect a variety of Pokemon.

To unlock different areas and levels in the gain, you need to gain XP. You can gain XP by capturing, and the amount gained can be increased substantially by getting an excellent throw. A perfect throw depends on many factors such as speed, time, distance, and angle of swipe to get the excellent throw. 

To talk about having an excellent throw, we need to discuss the different throws and how they work. Unlike the previous Pokemon games, this game focuses more on catching the pokemon, which is all based on skills.

Different throw types carry different XP bonuses. A Nice Throw that catches a Pokemon awards you 10 bonus XP. If you make a successful Great Throw, you will gain 50 XP. An excellent throw that catches a Pokemon earns you a nice 100 additional XP.

The more efficient the throw, the higher are the outcomes of successful capture of the pokemon, especially the higher tier ones. You will be gaining multiplied XP, but you will also be completing several field research and special research goals. 

Below are the steps to achieve an excellent throw. 

  1. Aim for the center of the ring: Every time you face a wild pokemon, there would be a ring that shrinks and becomes normal back again very rapidly. The smaller the ring which you land your ball into, the better is the throw. A ‘nice' throw is one that lands in the center of the circle at its widest point. Throws that land correctly when the circle is about half-size will be considered “great.” Finally, an Excellent throw occurs when the circle is small and close to the middle. Here’s a tip, don't worry about the Pokemon, focus solely on the rings, release the Pokeball when it is closing in so that you can get it. The moment you release the Pokeball, the ring freezes so do not try to throw beforehand, instead aim at the ring properly and if it hits the spot, you’ll have an excellent throw.                                                                               
  1. Practice on easier targets: Go easy on yourself and understand the whole mechanics by going for pokemons like Snorlax, Ratatta and Pidgey as practice targets as pokeballs are limited and shouldn’t be wasted. 
  2. Disable AR mode: The experience of trying to catch pokemon with AR mode is fun, but at the same time, there is a higher chance of a better throw with the mode disabled as it allows you to solely focus on the pokemon without the camera shifting on any other nearby pokemon, As it's often said,  one can only aim properly when the focus is solely on one thing.
  3. Use upgraded Pokeballs if you must: If the pokemon is being mischievous or rather difficult then you should use higher tier Pokeball because if you use a normal one there is a high chance that the pokemon will breakout( which means the efficiency of throw wouldn’t matter nor any XP will be gained). 
  4. Berries: Another way of increasing the probability of catching the pokemon is feeding them berries which makes pokemon less hostile and easier to capture especially aggressive ones. Razz berries and golden razz berry increase the chances to catch while Nanab berry calms the Pokémon down making it less aggressive.
  5. Curveballs: curveballs are somewhat trick-shots in Pokemon Go. Excellent Curve Throws are a great way to score a lot of XP per catch, and they're about as close to a guaranteed catch as you can get with most creatures. Hold the ball motionless in front of you with your finger on it and spin it around while maintaining contact with the screen of your smartphone. When you toss, the ball will curve left for clockwise spin and right for an anti-clockwise spin, depending on how much spin you put on it. To send the ball to the center of the screen, throw it in the opposite direction of the spin.
How to throw a curveball in Pokemon Go correctly

The target's ring color also demonstrates the difficulty of catching them. Red means it is harder to catch, and green (or closer to green) means the catch will likely be a for sure success. 

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The preliminary rule before all these steps is practicing. To get better at throwing, practice is essential as it will allow you to be better at landing excellent throws. 

You can read the rest of our Pokemon Go guides for more extensive info regarding leveling up and progressing with the game. 

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