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Castle Clash Secret Codes – Get Free Resources [April 2022]

In this post, you will find the complete list of all the latest Castle Clash secret codes. Castle Clash: Guild Royale is a popular MMO real-time strategy game, available on Android, iOS, Amazon, and Windows Store. The game was developed and published by I Got Games (IGG) on July 26, 2013.

Castle Clash: Guild Royale is a fast-paced strategy and resource-management game in which you collect resources, build structures to create a village (and of course a castle), and recruit an army of various creatures. The game also features a very exciting combat system.

The game's publishers occasionally offer Castle Clash secret codes (or CDKeys) that you can redeem on their website for multiple in-game resources. IGG does not seem to follow a pattern with code release dates.

Castle Clash also offers different Magic Lab codes for mobile devices and PC that players can redeem for even more rewards.

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Let's jump to all the working and expired gift codes then.

Here are All the Castle Clash Gift Codes

We have curated all the active and expired codes so that you won't have to test the latter. Make sure to redeem the codes as soon as possible before they expire! Castle Clash codes are case-sensitive, so it's best to copy and paste them to the redemption input text field.

Whenever a gift code expires, we will make sure to move it to the expired codes list.

Secret CodeRewards
B9295RGJ (Added on June 21st, 2021)50 Hero Skin Scrap Boxes (Ranks II to V)
7WMFASAP (Valid until June 10th, 2021)Free Rewards
4RTGKMRG (Valid until May 10th, 2021) Free Rewards
BFBUFFYF (Added on April 21st, 2021) Free Rewards
BMVK7DJW (Added on March 17th, 2021) Free Rewards
B7ZXXPA2 Free Rewards
KXTP9X2T Free Rewards
NK57PAQG Free Rewards
692CQKAA Free Rewards
JDXX54UJ Free Rewards
8R9CPT4C Free Rewards
9D32MVGJ Free Rewards
YPVYKSMGFree Rewards
CBU5Y7F9100 Blessed Tomes
Castle Clash secret codes list

Magic Lab Codes (Android & iOS Server)

Below you will find all the active Magic Lab codes for Castle Clash on Android and iOS:

Magic Lab CodeReward
141260 Magic Powder
2222200 Blessed Tomes III
21144 Event Coins
2132800 Zenit Stones
1331600 Honor Badges Pack II
1223600 Super Pet Snacks
5111600 Capstone Ruby
Working Magic Lab Codes list for mobile devices

Magic Lab Codes (PC Server)

Below you will find all the active Magic Lab codes for Castle Clash on PC:

  • 2321 coin
  • 1232 gratitude
  • 2141 birthrock
  • 1331 breakthrough
  • 2222 resource
  • 1511 magicpowder
  • 2231 herovestige

What are Castle Clash Secrets Codes?

Castle Clash gift codes are promo codes the developers occasionally release that players can redeem to acquire exclusive free in-game rewards and resources.

How to Redeem Castle Clash Secret Codes

castle clash official secret code redemption page
Redeem secret codes at the official website
Source: IGG
enter your IGG ID and Secret CDKey code and click submit
Enter your IGG ID and the code to redeem
Source: IGG

To redeem a Castle Clash secret code, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  • Head to the official CDKey redemption page.
  • Select your platform; iOS, Android, Amazon, or Windows Store, and click Next.
  • Select language and click Next.
  • Enter your IGG ID and an active Castle Clash secret code in the corresponding input text fields.
  • Click Submit.
  • Enjoy your rewards!

Where to Get New Castle Clash Gift Codes

The best place to look for new codes is this blog post, of course, but alternatively, you can look for them in the following places:

This covers pretty much all the best places to look for new codes!

GreenSpring Lab Expired Codes

  • Karmic Rock IV x1 – (1-2-3-2): 1 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 3 Oyster and also 2 Starfish
  • Igniting Stone x500 – (2-2-3-1): 2 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 3 Oyster and also 1 Starfish
  • Great Tongu Scrap x50 – (2-1-2-3): 2 Seaweed, 1 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 3 Starfish
  • Jar of Gems x20 – (3-2-2-1): 3 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 1 Starfish
  • Prime Bag VIII x2 – (4-2-2-1): 4 Seaweed, 2 Conch, 2 Oyster and also 1 Starfish
  • Zenith Stone x250 – (2-1-1-4): 2 Seaweed, 1 Conch, 1 Oyster and also 4 Starfish
  • Insignia Rine II x1 – (?-?-?-?): ? Seaweed, ? Conch, ? Oyster and also ? Starfish