Black Desert Online and Mobile Codes

Black Desert Online/Mobile Codes – All BDO/BDM Codes [April 2022]

In this post, you will find all the latest Black Desert Online (BDO) codes. Black Desert Online is a popular sandbox-oriented MMORPG created by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss in 2015. The mobile version of the game, called Black Desert Mobile, was released worldwide in 2019. The game follows a quite complex cross-play system in which Xbox and PS players can play together, but it seems that PC players and mobile players play on other worlds and cross-play is not supported.

BDO codes are very useful as they will boost your in-game progress, by boosting your enhancements or providing you other boosts and opportunities for faster growth. So in this list, we will provide:

  • Black Desert Online Codes (PC)
  • Black Desert Mobile Codes (Android & iOS)
  • Black Desert Codes (Xbox One and PS4)

At the moment, I am still confused about the cross-compatibility of the codes but eventually, the situation about Black Desert coupons code will become clearer.

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What are Black Desert Mobile Codes?

Black Desert Mobiles codes are codes released by the developer of BDM that provide players with cosmetics and other in-game rewards. Players enter these codes at the Black Desert Mobile official website.

How to Redeem Black Desert Mobile Coupon Codes

how to redeem black desert mobile bdm coupon codes
Redeem codes at the game's official website Source: Pearl Abyss

The steps are simple as long as you have a Pearl Abyss account and you play the game:

  • Go to the official BDM coupon code redemption page.
  • Select your region (AMERICAS/EUROPE/ASIA).
  • Enter your character's Family Name.
  • Enter an active Coupon Code from the list below.
  • Click Redeem Coupon.

Where to Get More Black Desert Mobile (BDM) Coupon Codes

To get more codes you should follow Black Desert Mobile's official Twitter account as you find news about events and new codes there. Or bookmark this page as we will try to bring you new codes as soon as they are out!

Black Desert Mobile Codes Full List – Working BDM Codes

As with most games make sure to redeem the codes below as soon as possible as in most cases we don't know when they may expire. The coupons codes below will reward you with multiple free items and resources

Working Black Desert Mobile codes list

What are Black Desert Online Coupon Codes?

These codes are different as they are split into four groups by dash delimiters. They are meant to be used at the Black Desert Online (BDO) official code redemption page which is different from BDM's redemption page.

How to Redeem Black Desert Online Coupon Codes

To redeem these you don't need to have the game installed or even have a character in the game (I think). I redeemed them successfully just by having a Pearl Abyss account, contrary to BDM ones that required me to download and play Black Desert Mobile. That is, despite the fact that you are required to select a region to redeem the code. It seems that the requirement is actually optional.

how to redeem black desert online codes
Redeem BDO codes at the official code redemption page Source: Pearl Abyss

Here are the steps to redeem BDO codes:

Black Desert Online Codes Full List – Working BDO Codes

Below you will find all the latest Black Desert Online Codes. Once again, make sure to redeem them a soon as possible as we don't know when they expire.

  • BDOX-GAME-SCOM-2021 (Expires on September 8, 2021) – TBA
  • SEEW-HATI-SWRI-TTEN– Lara’s Warm Black Tea & Item Collection Scroll.
  • 2021-HEID-ELHA-MMER– J’s Hammer of Loyalty.
  • KZAR-KASW-AGAL-LDAY – the Grrrr Hat.
  • WAVE-OFPI-RATE-LOOT– Slippery Treasure Chest.
  • WAVE-OFCR-ONST-ONES– Cron Stones x500.
  • whichclassareyou – Shakatu Luxury Box x1.
  • ARSH-AJAE-HEEK-GIFT– 100x Caphras Stones.
  • ADVI-CEOF-HEID-EL21– Advice of Valks +150.
  • WAVE-OFEX-CHCO-UPON– Weapon Exchange Set.
  • WHOW-ILLB-ENAC-HAMP– Cron Stones x150.
  • 2BSR-ADIO-ENDL-EMO2– Collection Scrolls.
  • ARSH-AKWO-NHOK-GIFT– 150x Cron Stones.
  • THE1-00WA-SWOR-THIT– Fine Accessory Box III & Banana.
  • 5YEA-RANN-IVER-SARY – fireworks.

How to get more BDO redeem codes

To find the latest BDO codes as soon as they are out, you will need to follow the Official Twitter of Black Desert Online as that's where they are released. You can also check the website of Black Desert Online, as Pearl Abyss will release free BDO coupon codes upon the beginning of new events. Console players should follow Black Desert Console on Twitter as console codes may differ from the PC ones.

Expired Black Desert Online Coupon Codes

The BDO codes below have already expired:

  • BDO2021
  • BDO56TR
  • BDO5F95
  • BDO65FR
  • BDO98DR
  • 0225-2021-ENDL-AIVE
  • ENDL-AIVE-0225-2021
  • 0225-WEAR-ETHE-ONE!