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Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is a 2018 independent horror video game. Micah McGonigal's (aka mystman12) parody of educational videos from the 1990s. It has very low graphics and themes almost identical to those games. Nevertheless, it is an entertaining play, if not too scary. This game is sure to please horror fans and curious about the developer's creative process.
Baldi's basic game contains a creep factor. Although you don't feel the immediate threat, you still feel uneasy and uncertain about your surroundings. You won't feel in immediate danger. This game does have a creepy factor. The narrator doesn't communicate a clear sense of trouble, and you're left feeling uncomfortable at all times.

While playing the game, you'll have to solve many math problems. Baldi asks the questions and gives Quarters to the correct answers. You'll have to solve three math problems in a notebook, but the third problem has become corrupted. The dialogue is replaced with static noises during this portion of the game. The narrator explains how to solve the problem humorously.
Breaking the ruler will cause the game to end. However, you can save the game by escaping the narrator. You can also collect notebooks in the entire game. There are also three game modes: Endless, Main, and Basics. Each mode presents a unique challenge that the player must overcome. Each mode allows players to unlock new scenarios and modes. Once you've unlocked all of them, you'll be able to beat Baldi at an impressive rate.

The Baldi series is fun and educational. You can also learn many new things from the game. If you're into puzzle games, this is an excellent choice. This game has a lot of puzzles. You'll be rewarded for solving them. If you're not into puzzles, you can always play another game or two! The game is free, and you can try out all of them at once.

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The game is a meta-horror game. This game is inspired by the lousy 90s educational games. To complete each level, you will need 7 notebooks. If you don't finish the level, the game will punish you. When you next play the game, make sure you read the manual. It provides a simple but effective tutorial. If you haven't done so, you can try it again.

Baldi is an unmodelled CGI character. He has long, skinny fingers, his skin is pale tan, his hair is a copper strand on his head. His long, thin fingers are used for opening pizza boxes. In Basics, he wears a green shirt, blue jeans, and light brown shoes. In Plus, he sports a blue elbow. Although the game appears cleaner than in previous versions, Baldi still looks natural.

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