AFK Arena codes - How to redeem afk arena codes

AFK Arena codes 2022: Get free diamonds, gold & soulstones

You might like AFK Arena if you're the kind of mobile gamer who likes free stuff. In addition to being free, developer Lilith Games regularly releases AFK Arena codes, which, as you might expect, will provide you with a bunch of in-game rewards that will allow you to advance a lot faster in the Gacha RPG. Below is a list of the latest active AFK Arena codes you can use.

Free Diamonds and Gold are currently available for claim in AFK Arena. Other AFK Arena gifts include Faction Scrolls, Hero coins, and Labyrinth coins.

Because the codes usually have an expiration date, bookmark this page and check it periodically to ensure you don't miss out on any rewards.

Working AFK Arena codes: All the working AFK Arena redemption codes

Here's is the list of all the currently working AFK Arena redemption codes.

  • i4hhzxxvj7 – 120 Rare Hero Soulstons, 60 Elite Hero Soulstones, 3 8-hour EXP chest, 3 8-hour Hero's Essence chests.
  • i4musq8dr6 – 1000 Diamonds and 10 Summon Scrolls.
  • i43a5pk3jw – 60 Elite Soulstones, 600 diamonds, 3 8-hour gold chests.
  • Talene2022 (December 8th, 2021): Redeem promo code to get 300 Diamonds + 300K Gold.
  • uf4shqjngq (May 1st, 2021): Redeem promo code to get 30 Summon Scrolls.
  • AFK888: Redeem promo code to get 300 Diamonds.
  • misevj66yi: Redeem promo code to get 500 Diamonds + 5 Summon Scrolls + 1 Rare Hero Soulstone – Added in 2019.

How to redeem AFK Arena codes

The redemption of codes has been simplified by Lilith. Lilith Games still requires players to visit an external website, but the verification process no longer requires a back and forth between the site and the game.   

So here are the steps to redeem AFK Arena codes:

  • As a first step, go to Lilith's AFK Arena code redemption page. At this point, you must enter your AFK Arena UID and a Verification Code. This is part of a 2-factor authentication process.
Lilith Games Gift redemption page and UID and verification code
  • Find your AFK Arena UID: start the game and then tap your avatar on the top left corner. You will find an ID section and a 9-digit number in the top right corner of the pop-up page. That's your UID, as you can see in the image below.
in-game player avatar
player UID location in player profile top-left corner
  • Lilith added a new feature in the “Services” section called Verification Code, so now you can get a code instantly within the game that is active for 2 minutes.
AFK Arena verification code service
Find the Verification Code service Source: Lilith Games
AFK Arena verification code service in use
Your 6-digit PIN is active for 2 minutes. Source: Lilith Games
  • After entering your UID and Verification code you can log in and redeem your code.
enter your gift code and press redeem
After logging in, you can enter your Gift Code and click Redeem Source: Lilith Games
  • Finally, you will receive the rewards in your in-game mailbox.


How Often Does Lilith Release AFK Arena Codes?

 Lilith typically releases promo codes during major updates to AFK Arena or during holidays such as Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, etc. Also, there are codes released to celebrate collaborations, such as Persona 5's crossover or Prince of Persia's collaboration.  

Can I use AFK Arena codes on both the official and test servers?

 Most of the time, AFK Arena redemption codes can be used on both servers. On the test server, there are just a few exceptions where codes do not work.  

Do AFK Arena Codes Expire?

 AFK Arena redemption codes expire after a certain period of time. After their release, some of them expire within a couple or three weeks; others can take much longer. Eventually, most codes do expire.  

Are There Any Cheats for AFK Arena?

In spite of many scam sites offering AFK Arena rewards and cheats, there are no diamonds, gold, or other hacks for AFK Arena or any other online game. In-app purchases are a major source of revenue for mobile game developers, so cheating or other schemes that harm their businesses would never be tolerated.

Any quick way to success should be viewed with extreme caution.

Lilith Games provides us with rewards through official channels through AFK Arena redemption codes and other rewards.