If you want to learn more about Borderpolar, you're in the right place. Read to learn the backstory of Borderpolar and what my purpose is with this blog.

At the moment I am a blogger, YouTuber, and Twitch Streamer. I live stream Genshin Impact (and sometimes AFK Arena, although my followers are not big fans) on a daily basis on Facebook Games, YouTube Games, and Twitch.

I also have a Discord Server dedicated to gaming, tech and making a profit online.

Borderpolar's story

Borderpolar started as a blog called “Borderpolar Central.” Its initial purpose was to apologize to my now ex-girlfriend, with who I broke up at the start of 2020. I was also aiming to reach out to other borderpolars, people with comorbid borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. My efforts did not flourish initially, so “Borderpolar” is now a blog about technology news. While at the same time making popular the name of a mental health state. I have not given up on my initial goal, and more will come soon.

Borderpolar is solely funded by Adsense ads and affiliate marketing links for the products I review. I try to join for everything I review, so that there will be complete transparency. My goal is to review and recommend products I use and deliver the best reviews out there.

I am Anastasios Antoniadis, and I live in Athens, Greece. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, a blogger, an amateur photographer, and a tech enthusiast. My advisor is Yannis Smaragdakis, one of the top researchers in the world in Program Analysis.

I am part of the PLaST lab team at the University of Athens. Other collaborators:

At the moment, I am a Ph.D. student-turned-blogger and my academic progress is on hold. I really enjoy what I do with blogging and understanding how to make a blog successful. 

This blog has three purposes at the moment:

  • To deliver tech and gaming news and excellent reviews.
  • To deliver up-to-date gaming guides for the games I play (AFK Arena, Roblox, Genshin Impact, and more) and many more. I try to make my own guides for the most part, but I also use the guides from other renowned bloggers.
  • Finally, and most importantly, I will explain to you how the world of Blogging and SEO works. Not the facade that every other digital marketer will sell you, but the behind-the-scenes dirty stuff. I am not in the hope-selling business and I never have been. That's why you should trust me and work with me.