5-letter words that start with O and end in E

Are you stuck in Wordle with a 5-letter word that starts with O and ends in E? In case you have a correct Wordle guess that starts with O and ends with E there aren't really a ton of options, but several of the possible answers are quite challenging to figure out by yourself.

Our list will help you narrow down the potential answers and solve the Wordle puzzle.

5-Letter Words starting with O and ending with E

There is a total of 32 English words that start with O, which is a great improvement compared to words that start with O. Here they are:

  1. obese
  2. obole
  3. ochre
  4. odyle
  5. offie
  6. ogive
  7. ohone
  8. ojime
  9. oldie
  10. olive
  11. ollie
  12. olpae
  13. ombre
  14. oorie
  15. opepe
  16. opine
  17. orate
  18. orgue
  19. ounce
  20. ouphe
  21. ourie
  22. outre
  23. ovate
  24. ovine
  25. ovule
  26. owche
  27. owrie
  28. oxeye
  29. oxide
  30. oxime
  31. ozone
  32. ozzie

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